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Here’s what some of our Paoli, IN customers are saying about us:

I needed a car towed on a Saturday. Mark was quick and worked with my insurance/road side assistance and made the experience painless. Thanks Mark!

Mark's Towing Garage Customer Review -Kali Walls

My daughter had a fl at tire 2 and a half hours away. Mark took care of everything. Called the police so my vehicle wouldn't get towed and found someone in the area to try and fix it. When they couldn't he drove up there, fixed it, (when nobody else could) and brought my vehicle home. He's a good man and has great and fast service for whatever your vehicle needs. I highly recommend Mark Roach.

Mark's Towing Garage Customer Review -Cathy Owens

Very quick timing and gave me a free jump because I was in the military.

Mark's Towing Garage Customer Review -Ronnie Moore

While traveling on business in Indy with my wife We took a detour to French Lick this past weekend. As the locals know the community had a record rainfall and we became trapped by high water at a very nice hotel. I called Mark on Saturday morning when I realized we were stranded and he offered to come over for a very reasonable price and tow us out on his flatbed. No one could have imagined the amount of rain this community received in 24 hrs. Mark brought his family with him and they helped out in the pouring rain. We were literally on an island and Mark placed his truck at risk by towing not only my wife and I but many other stranded travelers from the hotel. I can tell you Marks a good Christian by his actions that day and could have charged much more for his services but chose not too! Support Mark and his business!!!

Mark's Towing Garage Customer Review -John Protheroe

Mark was very helpful and easy to deal with during our recent disastrous flash flood visit. He got us out of the awful unhelpful Best Western Hotel that was completely cut off. Thanks for the escape.

Mark's Towing Garage Customer Review -Amy French

I have required the services of Marks Garage in a few occasions and have friends who I have recommended him to. In not only my experience, but what I have been told by my friends and his customers, he is the most professional, fair, and quick to respond towing services provider in the area. I got great service in a very, very timely manner (I called at 10:45 pm and he was on scene at 11:10pm...on the other side of Shirley Creek Trailhead), and had absolutely no sought my vehicle was in good hands. I highly recommend Marks Towing and will continue to use his company exclusively !!

Facebook Review -Brett Love

A+ rating in my book. I've made interest free payments to you and u have let me, u knew I was trying. Being reasonable about business you and I know u didn't have to do that. Very fair. Thank u for everything you have done for me over the last 12 years.

Facebook Review -KevinLori Fredrickson

Mark has bn wonderful to do business with. He had helped me on numerous occasions no matter what time of day or the situation. I always call mark first! Thank you for always takin care of us!!!

Facebook Review -Courtney Jonelle

In the past Mark has worked on several of our vehicle's and we never once had any problems with his work or price. We also have hired him to tow on different occasion's and the job was always done professionally and very reasonably priced. Would totally recommend any of his Services 100%

Facebook Review -Angela Quinn

Marks garage is the best honest and trust worthy never had he failed me or my family Mark has fixed towed many times for me he has always been there no matter the circumstance and I'm proud to call him my mechanic and most important a true friend

Facebook Review -Amy Kesterson-Nolan

I hit a deer at 12:30am on a Friday night and did some serious damage to my car. Mark came and picked up my car first thing in the morning and had it up and running again the next week. I'm very pleased with the service we received!

Facebook Review -Andrea Reedy

Mark is the best .. when my truck was down all i had to do was call an he came .got my truck an fixed it , i wouldnt call any one eles to work on my truck ,. mark is the best mech. around , tthank you for bein there when i need you.

Facebook Review -Teresa Clouse

I called, he was there with minutes! Got us out of our pickle and back on the road. Paid on the spot!! Thanks Mark!!

Facebook Review -Pam Dixon

I will always remember the night my son got hung up in the snow on a steep hill, Mark had a hell of a time but we got it. Great guy, treats you fairly.

Facebook Review -Donald Owens

Price right,and always their for you and keep it local own business

Facebook Review -Ron Walters

He is fast and reliable and does a great job don't matter how the weather is

Facebook Review -James Morris

Mark's Towing & Garage Has Never did me Wrong, Hes Fast when you call & Gets the Job done He is the ONLY Tow Truck my Family ever calls!!!

Facebook Review -John D Hankins

Number 1 towing company In the Valley ,,,No if and or butts about it

Facebook Review -Marcus Roach

Mark has always done me right, when I need auto work or a tow. I call Mark!!

Facebook Review -Tony Ratliff

I always call Mark when I need a tow and he's never let me down.

Facebook Review -Jered Day

Mark is a great guy all around , he is right there when ya need him and VERY TRUSTING AND VERY POLITE !! I would recommend him to everyone I know

Facebook Review -Christina Rae

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